About Silver Wainhouse

Silver Wainhouse
photo by Charlois Lumpkin
Deborah Clayton Wainhouse affectionately known as Silver Wainhouse, brings her diverse background to Womanistics.

She converges her business management experience, training in myotherapy, acting in professional theater, skill in astrology, and knowledge gained from her work in the voluntary sector. She has served on numerous boards and has advised many organizations.

Silver was a speaker at the 75th anniversary of Business and Professional Women. Silver has been an astrologer for 30 years. Borders Books hired her on a Super Bowl Sunday as an alternative to the Super Bowl.

As an actor/ performer Silver has had the pleasure of working with David Dorfman Dance  of New York City. Rave reviews were published in The New Mexican newspaper regarding her performance as the character Crooks in the play written by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men.

Silver has served on numerous boards and committees Her service includes: The International Writers Center at Washington University, The Center, River Styx magazine, and the Wellness Center of St. Louis -- to name just a few. Silver is currently president of The Marlboro Press(Northwestern University), a position formerly held by her husband, Austryn Wainhouse. She is a member of the Paris Writers Group. In 2011, after a conversation with Fran Clarke, she joined Yassah's Sisters. Yassah's Sisters is an organization which supports women entrepreneurs in Liberia. Silver is currently writing a play appropriately titled Womanistics which will be performed as a fundraiser for Yassah's Sisters.

Silver says: "“When people ask you what you do in life for a living they automatically assume there are things that you can’'t do. And they are wrong." Devoted to helping others recognize their innate talents, she is especially gifted at aiding parents in the understanding and motivation of their children. And she finds delight in helping others  recognize and find ways to use their natural talents and strengths.

Silver wants everyone to realize that "Stumbling Is Not Falling! "

To Contact Silver:
                            by e mail: womanistics@gmail.com

                   by phone (France)  +33 6 73 53 26 80
                                  (U.S.A.)       917-263-0897